New To Yoga

Here  and  Now  is  Where  Yoga  Begins

Beginners Classes

We also offer "Beginners" classes which focus on the fundamentals of yoga and are suitable for first time students as well. They are another option for those who find that the Intro To Yoga schedule do not fit into their persaonal sechedule, or Beginners classes can be taken at the same time as the "Intro To Yoga" classes for those who are looking to start their journey by practicing more than one day a week.

  • Guided practice of basic yoga postures and breath. Improve your flexibility, strength and quiet your mind Feel safe! It is crucial that a qualified professional Yoga Instructor supervise your yoga poses and immediately correct any potential bad habits that you might develop as a beginner student.
  • Offered diffrent times and days during the week - more flexibility for anyone personal scheedule. Regular yoga class packages can be used for any of the Beginners yoga classe across the schedule.

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