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"Reflections Yoga Center is a refuge for the mind, the body and the spirit. It is housed in a beautiful facility that exudes serenity and calm. The Center promotes thoughtful practice, is user friendly, and extends and enhances the yoga experience in every class and workshop. Reflections Yoga offers a multitude of classes at all levels, and they have a wide and wonderful variety of experienced teachers. It is a fantastic place for both experienced yogis and beginners. If you have ever thought of looking into yoga I highly recommend Reflections Yoga Center."


"I have been going to Reflections for a number of years. I love the classes and the instructors. It is a warm and pleasant atmoshphere and with the wide variety of classes to choose from, anyone is welcome to try yoga and experience its benefits. Though I am not able to go as often as I like, I still feel welcomed to my regular classes and enjoy them immensely. Thanks Reflections!"


"When I moved back home 2 years ago, I was delighted to find a yoga studio in the south suburbs. I was even more delighted at the fact I found a new home at Reflections. The quality of instruction is impeccable, the classes creative and the owners and instructors warm, intelligent and friendly. All people, regardless of ability, are welcomed in any class. Instructors make sure that each class is not only a group experience, but tailored to the individual. I learn and grow at Reflection each time I attend a class. The price packages are fair and work within my budget. I am so happy with the studio, that I try to encourage my family and my friends to join my each week I go to class. I highly recommend Reflections to anyone looking to build a yoga practice."


"Yoga Reflections is my absolute favorite yoga center, out of all five ive experience. The relaxation you get walking through the door is completely unknown until you have came. The teachers are amazing and very helpful to get you through the classes and help you bring it into your everyday life. I highly recommend coming to this Yoga center."


"As both a teacher and student at Reflections Yoga Center, I am so happy to be a part of such a great local business and yoga sanctuary. The staff and students at Reflections are wonderful, caring, and kind individuals who care deeply about their practice and their yoga community. The variety of classes, treatments, and workshops is extensive and EVERYONE at every level is welcome. Reflections Yoga Center is a beautiful retreat to practice, learn about, and teach yoga."


"Reflections Yoga Center is a gem. ...... I love Refelctions Yoga Center and I have discovered thanks to Klaudia and Cipriano that I love yoga and it will always be a part of my life. I continue to grow stronger in my mind, body, and spirit everyday and I am more flexible in my body and mind than ever!"


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