The yoga path outlines the practical means of achieving the state of self-realization and control of the mind. A significant portion of this path is dedicated to the preparation and practice of meditation: Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana. Free meditation sessions at Reflections Yoga Center have a Vipassana influence.

Some of the benefits that you might get out of the free meditation sessions to start with are:

  • Calming the mind.
  • Becoming more relaxed - stress management.
  • Improving relationship with others.
  • Becoming less anxious, nervous, and/or agitated.
  • Reducing negativity in the mind
  • Becoming more present.
  • Becoming more centered - more connected to your true self.
  • Developing a healthier balanced mind
  • Gaining physical health

The free meditation sessions include silent group sitting and Dharma talk; which allows the discussions on mediattion techniques and meditation exercises for one to enjoy real happiness, real peace, and real harmony.

Join us for a journey of self discovery. Previous experience in meditation is not necessary for this class; This is a donation-based class where the proceeeds go to buy props for the class. It is open to all levels. The free meditation is a great meditation for beginners as well as for seasoned meditators.

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